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Consultants working in the Osaka office

East West Consulting Osaka office has four consultants and one assistant. We are usually congenial, communicating with each other and sometimes going out for dinner or drinks after work.

Christopher Weikel

Senior Consultant / Manager

I cover various industries, including manufacturing, IT, professional services, and FMCG.  For several years I was the Osaka Branch Manager in parallel with my executive recruitment duties. The Osaka office is inclusive and fun. We welcome and respect those of all ages, nationalities, LGBTQ+, etc., so you can be yourself here and fit in.  And although we are highly professional and focused, the atmosphere behind the scenes in the office is relaxed and we joke around a lot.  I think that our office culture is great and sets us apart from other recruiting companies.

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Adam Lim

Senior Consultant

I’m in charge of the healthcare sector (pharmaceuticals and biotechnology). In our Osaka office, we work with a strong sense of comradeship, freedom and enjoyment in a relaxed office environment. I joined EWC because I felt it would be a great chance for me to grow not just professionally but also personally and I have made many long-lasting friendships here. At EWC we have ownership of our individual businesses, a powerful database and high incentive rates. Being able to directly communicate with our company president on a personal level is also unique to EWC and something other companies cannot offer.

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Hironobu Daito


I am in charge of the manufacturing and entertainment (ToC) industries, both Japanese and foreign-affiliated.
Our Osaka office is “Diversity”, “Freedom”, “Respect individual” environment. I can work independently and at my own pace, and everybody is nice.
I joined the company for three reasons: first, for the attractive incentive scheme; second, for the diversity and the stimulation of a global perspective, as there are people from many different nationalities; and third,
to work with executives and business elites, and to do something that will have an impact on society. I would like to do something that will have an impact on society in the fututre.
Because of our long history, we have good relationships with various global companies and foreign companies.
It’s an environment where everyone has a chance, regardless of nationality, gender or age.

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I work in a wide range of engineering and technical positions in the construction, property, IT and manufacturing sectors.
East West is, after all, a company where individuals have a lot of discretion. There are no managers who mainly give you instructions, but you have the freedom and interest to create your own work-life balance, work style and how you want to carry out your work.
There are three main advantages of the Osaka office, the first being its accessibility. It is located in the centre of Hommachi, a business district with good underground access, and is only a few minutes away from the station. The second is that our members are unique and diverse in terms of nationality. Many of them are kind and friendly, and I feel a sense of camaraderie. Finally, because we have a lot of individual discretion, I have the image of our company being like a collection of sole traders, each in the same business but with different areas of responsibility, positions and ways of doing things. It is almost like a group of workmates in the same industry who have all gathered together in a rented office. My previous company was a typical pyramid organisation, so now I feel a big gap in a very good way.

The main reason I decided to join the company was that it had a very long history, which is the first thing I can mention. The recruitment industry has relatively low barriers to entry, so there are many new entrants, but amongst these, the fact that the company has been active in the executive search field for 36 years since 1987, when there were no major recruitment databases yet, meant that there was a great deal to learn from its history, from the perspective of improving my skills I thought there might be a lot I could learn from the history of the company from the perspective of improving my own skills. Also, in changing jobs, I was originally looking for a way of working with a lot of discretionary power, like a sole trader. While many recruitment agencies work with thorough KPI management, I strongly felt through my interview with the CEO that I could work in a different way here. And that there is no management work. I had previously worked as a player to manager from the start-up phase of the recruitment business, so I was tired of KPI management and my main objective this time was to improve my own skills as a recruitment consultant. I also found the incentive scheme very attractive and decided to join the company because I wanted to improve my performance and increase my annual salary at the same time.

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Mika Mori


I am an assistant and support you all. We have a very unique and diverse group of people.
I feel every day that the consultants are very focused and professional in their work.
Also, the way they deal with candidates is full of consideration and I don’t feel like they’re doing it for my own benefit or quota. I think this is possible because we have a free working style with individual discretion. I hope that as the number of people increases, the sense of unity and drinking that is typical of the Osaka office will increase.


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