Since the years of the economic bubble, we have supported the development of businesses and the careers of executives.
Our industry experience and distinct expertise sets us apart.

We are an executive search firm with a track record of over 35 years in Japan.
Each and every year, with each relationship we develop, we continue to strengthen our expertise and our track record.
We are confident that we can offer you the value that you expect.

Our Mission

A partnership to help you fortify your talent and to help your company to grow.

A place to exhibit the appeal and potential of a business; to extract the full potential from individuals. A mutually beneficial environment to both parties is what helps realize each's goal. We are facilitators of such partnership.

Our Vision

Creating a global presence by introducing and exhibiting the talent Japan has to offer, enhancing the medium and long term careers of individuals, promoting wholesome mobility, and fostering businesses and people who play an active role in the world, this is how Japan's value is nurtured.

Our Unique Strengths

  • Our very own executive search method
    We brought executive search to Japan at a time when the industry only existed in the United States and Europe. Between then and now, we've developed are own comprehensive, unique search method. Our methods even extend to talent that previously have not sought the job change market.
  • Global accommodations from our multilingual consultants
    Our staff includes a mix of individuals from various nationalities. Our diversity helps us support a wide range of companies and organizations.
  • Our long running database and track record
    We own the largest database of its kind in Japan, extensively developed since the time of our founding. Our registrants have successful careers at world renowned companies. We will introduce the most suitable of registrants to accommodate your request.
  • Consultation relevant to industry and profession
    We specialize in respective industries and its professions. We pay close attention to market factors, and with our augmented knowledge of each industry, we are confident in recommending to you our selections.
  • Correspondence of confidential matters
    Recruitment for CXO and management level personnel is complex and only a limited number of establishments can yield these accommodations successfully. Using the knowledge and techniques accumulated over our long history, we conduct closed searches for special projects and make a commitment to supplement our clients' growth.
  • Broad connections
    Consultants who have been with us for over 20 years are unrivaled in their industry connections. Consultants collaborate and cooperate with one another to create a truly comprehensive network.

Our Commitment

  • Observance of confidentiality obligations through all stages.
    An essential resource for us is our database with over 35 years of data. Our organization upholds customer privacy and is highly committed to information management.
  • Speed and quality is a top priority
    We conduct our searches after fully understanding a business' needs and requirements. We emphasize speed and quality, but moreover we take extra care to achieve sought after results.
  • Our long running database and track record
    We own the largest database of its kind in Japan, extensively developed and augmented since the time of our founding.
    We have a track record of placing all ranges of positions, from executives to supporting positions.
  • Industry focused consultants
    Our consultants are highly skilled professionals and have developed vast networks, tailored to the industries and professions in which they specialize. Together our company covers all industries and its occupations.
  • The perfect support system
    We scout and discover the talent that meets your needs. We support you through every step of the recruitment process, with candidate guidance, interview scheduling, and among others, through closing and joining.
  • Vast support network
    We provide you with a vast support network, utilizing our Tokyo and Osaka offices.
    Our consultants are multilingual and we are adept at providing services whether you are based in Japan or abroad.

Fee structure

  • Success fee option
    As with most recruitment agencies, our fee is collected once the referred candidate joins the company. We provide the same level of service in the case of the success fee option. Our consultants will use our proven executive search methods to find that personnel that you are looking for.
  • Retainer type
    A type consisting of collecting part of the consulting fee at the time of searching, part of it in the middle (when supplying a list of candidates) and the remaining amount after a candidate is hired.
  • Flat rate
    A method which consists of providing search services for an agreed upon fixed amount. It is suitable when hiring on a fixed budget.


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