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Executive Message

Growth and success for our clients.
Challenges and fullfilment for our candidates.

Nobuko Muromatsu,
Representative Director,
East West Consulting K.K.

From the economic bubble years to the present, we have accommodated numerous critical requests in finding the right talent.

Technological innovations and rapid changes in the global economy are resulting in market conditions to change at an accelerating pace. And thus the needs of businesses to acquire skilled and experienced talent for new business fields are increasing. However while there is a significant effort to hire such talent, businesses are struggling to discover those who possess such ability and those who can assume true leadership.

Here at EWC, since 1987, from just before the bubble when executive search originated, we have taken global competitors head on, have overcome difficulties in the Japanese economy and have continued to meet the demands and needs of the times.

From those such times to the present, we have cultivated connections with industries, advanced our own technology and search ability, have developed a deep understanding of talent, and have created a cooperative system of quality consultants. We take pride in who we are what we have built.

Prevent mismatches and extract the maximum potential of both companies and individuals.

Matching alone is not enough in discovering the right talent. Instead it is the years of deep discussions with company executives from leading companies, in a wide range of industries, and these connections spanning decades, that enable the successful discovery of the right talent.

Recruitment based on incomplete data can lead to mismatches. Furthermore given those circumstances, problems are likely to surface after a hiring. That is hardly a definition of success. Rather, it is particulary important to understand the requirements of what type of personnel a business seeks, the details of a particular job description, and for the candidate, to understand the business environment they desire, and what their own vision is for their career and future. One must grasp these key factors to create a best match. The encounters made possible by an executive match can largely influence the direction of a business a well as the job seeker's path in career and life.

Many times over, we have witnessed how the abilities and energy of talented individuals are greatly amplified given the right environment to challenge themselves. Moreover, we have witnessed the great impact that such outpouring of ability and energy has had on a businesses.


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