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EWC has been providing recruitment services in the Medical industry for over 30 years.

The healthcare industry is experiencing an increase in demand for advanced medical care as a result of technological advances, which has led to overall industry growth across the globe. In particular, the industry mainly includes areas such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices and biotech ventures. In addition, new health tech areas have emerged, such as electronic health records, online medical care and online medication guidance.

In addition, with technological advances and market expansion in the healthcare industry, IT industry giants such as GAFA and large companies from other industries are entering the healthcare industry by attempting to set up new businesses or by acquiring ventures and existing companies. The Japanese Prime Minister’s Office has also included ‘Next Generation Healthcare’ in its Growth Strategy Portal, emphasising investment and innovation support for healthcare.

The healthcare industry is expected to expand in a wide range of areas in the future.

Market forecast and Human Resources trends in the Healthcare industry[Japan]

Recruitment trends
in the Medical industry

  • a PhD in science with a backbone in research and development and a business mind-set who can direct drug development to market from the perspective of business growth.
  • Increasing demand for global human resources; those who can play an active role in a borderless society are given more and more importance
  • Employment of external human resources, including managers and members, and active movement to create new organizations within the companies
  • Pursuing new ways of working, human resources are becoming more fluid in new ways, such as hiring for those performing side jobs and forming business alliances
  • Job seekers are looking for companies which they can empathize with their future potential, and are seeking social significance such as purpose management, mission, and SDGs
  • We will provide consulting and solve recruitment issues with our unique method.

With EWC's unique methods,
your recruiting and consulting requests are
in good hands.

  • Observance of confidentiality obligations through all stages.
    An essential resource for us is our database with over 35 years of data. Our organization upholds customer privacy and is highly committed to information management.
  • Speed and quality is a top priority
    We conduct our searches after fully understanding a business' needs and requirements. We emphasize speed and quality, but moreover we take extra care to achieve sought after results.
  • Our long running database and track record
    We own the largest database of its kind in Japan, extensively developed and augmented since the time of our founding.
    We have a track record of placing all ranges of positions, from executives to supporting positions.
  • Industry focused consultants
    Our consultants are highly skilled professionals and have developed vast networks, tailored to the industries and professions in which they specialize. Together our company covers all industries and its occupations.
  • The perfect support system
    We scout and discover the talent that meets your needs. We support you through every step of the recruitment process, with candidate guidance, interview scheduling, and among others, through closing and joining.
  • Vast support network
    We provide you with a vast support network, utilizing our Tokyo and Osaka offices.
    Our consultants are multilingual and we are adept at providing services whether you are based in Japan or abroad.

Fee structure

  • Success fee option
    As with most recruitment agencies, our fee is collected once the referred candidate joins the company. We provide the same level of service in the case of the success fee option. Our consultants will use our proven executive search methods to find that personnel that you are looking for.
  • Retainer type
    A type consisting of collecting part of the consulting fee at the time of searching, part of it in the middle (when supplying a list of candidates) and the remaining amount after a candidate is hired.
  • Flat rate
    A method which consists of providing search services for an agreed upon fixed amount. It is suitable when hiring on a fixed budget.

Steps to Recruitment

  1. 01Contact
    Contact form, or contact us by phone or email.
  2. 02Hearing and proposal
    We will survey your hiring state and present you with a plan covering all core facets.
  3. 03Contract
    We will develop a contract in accordance with our regulations.
  4. 04Executive search methodology
    Using our database and our proven formula, our consultants and research team will find personnel that best matches your needs. We will find the most suitable talent using our unique executive search techniques.
  5. 05Introduction of candidates
    We will provide you with the key details of the candidate, along with our reasons for recommending the candidate. If the candidate matches your request, we proceed with arranging an interview with the candidate.


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