Kazumasa Ikeda



Have experience in sales, marketing, MD, and brand management at an apparel company,Men’sBigi, Danish toy's manufacturer, LEGO and US E-commerce company, Amazon. Based on my experience in a wide range of fields as well as management role at a global company, I have a good understanding of global strategy and local adaptation, as well as the consulting firm and brand businesses.


Global consulting firm, Senior Manager Audit firm Senior Manager Luxury brand, Brand Manager, EC company Corporate Planning Director

My approach

I will introduce positions while considering your medium- to long-term career as a business person. Utilizing the business understanding and experience cultivated as a management team of Japanese and global companies,
After understanding the company's personnel policy, we will match you according to your wishes.
At the time of application, I provide advice on creating a resume, and introduce you to companies based on a deep understanding of your background to increasing the resume screening pass rate. And I carefully follow the steps to joining the company, such as adjusting interview schedules and preparing for interviews. We also want to support your career development in the medium to long term. National qualification career consultant.


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