TOPブログお知らせDirector Brandon Smith celebrates 20 years

Director Brandon Smith celebrates 20 years


It has been 20 years since our Director, Brandon Smith, joined us.

Congratulations on our 20th anniversary! We would like to thank all of our consultants for their hard work and dedication to making East West Consulting a long-time favorite of our clients.
We wish Brandon good health and continued success.

Comment from Brandon Smith

Thanks to our great client companies and talented candidates, I have been able to work here happily for 20 years.
I feel the value of a good recruiting agent is the ability to uncover hidden opportunities and talent in the market and providing logical and transparent advice.
In our modern society, we are overloaded with information.
Having a “coach” who is trustworthy and knowledgeable about an industry can help you sort through and simplify that information, allowing you to make the best decision for your career.
I look forward to serving many more client companies and candidates in the years ahead.

Brandon Smith
East West Consulting K.K.

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