EWCDFlow from service registration to job introduction

Flow from service registration to job introduction

  1. 01 Registration

    Please send us your resume for any of the positions listed on the site. If you do not find a suitable position in the current listings, please send us your resume and CV and EWCD will find a suitable position for you. Of course, we promise to keep your personal information confidential.

  2. 02 Contact

    If you apply for a specific position listed on EWCD, an East West Consulting (EWC) consultant will first match your resume with the position, and if the requirements are met, the consultant will provide a detailed explanation and arrange an interview with the company. If you are not applying for a specific position, EWCD will screen all available positions to find the best fit. If a position is found that meets your criteria, our consultant will provide you with a detailed description of the position and company, and if you are interested in the position, we will arrange an interview with the company.

  3. 03 Interview

    The number of interviews with a company will vary slightly depending on the company and the position. We recommend that you continue to interview until both parties are satisfied with the results.

  4. 04 Offer

    After several successful interviews and negotiations with the company, an offer is presented. The offer will clarify the details of the position, title, and salary. We provide advice and support to ensure a mutually satisfactory outcome.

  5. 05 Resignation Procedures

    Once you have decided to accept the offer, you will be required to complete the resignation process with your current company. EWCD will provide you with appropriate advice and assistance to ensure an amicable exit from the company. Please click here (Word file) for a guide on resignation.

  6. 06 Start with a new company

    Congratulations!!! Good luck with your new challenge. I am sure you will feel a cross between hope and anxiety. And once you start work, you will get used to the environment and get along well with the people in your company.

  7. 07 Follow-up

    We care about you and what happens after you change jobs. Please let us know regularly what you are up to. We would also be happy to introduce you to other talented people at East West Consulting's EWCD.



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