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Tōhoku Earthquake Volunteers

After the Great East Japan Earthquate on March 11, 2011, East West Consulting sent a dozen employees on several weekends to disaster-stricken areas. On an overnight bus from Tokyo, they visited Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, and performed various duties such as housecleaning, hauling sludge from the houses, and so on.

Volunteer Group Photo
Volunteers Removing Sludge

For our employees, it was an extremely precious opportunity for them to see the actual conditions of afflicted regions and interact with local residents through hard work. It was a one-night stay over with two-day's of demanding labor, but they felt happy for being able to contribute what little they could to the recovery of devastated areas.

Volunteers Working Outdoors
Volunteer Working Indoors

We plan on actively participating in upcoming volunteer activities in the disaster-hit locations by making the use of weekends and national holidays.