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Employee Trip to Shimoda - By Inazumi

I went to the employee company trip at Izukyu Shimoda, a traditional annual event on the first weekend of September that is going on for 25 years. Family members can also participate as well.

A beautiful beach in Shimoda

The trip is very open and has a lot of free activities, but we also got together for a hotel buffer dinner and enjoyed it very much!

The swimming pools located in the hotel premise

I have participated in this trip every year for 15 times, and it’s a very enjoyable trip different from a “Japanese style” of trip.

An aerial overview of the hotel

Designed by Junzo Yoshimura (a Japanese architect of Nara National Museum and Tokyo Imperial Palace), this hotel is a representative facility of Japan Total Club, a members-only resort hotel. It has a diverse attractions such as beach, swimming pool, inside-a-cave hot spring, kids’ room, etc., to please visitors of any age.

An overview of the hotel from the beach

Other than the company trips, we have many other events such as Christmas party at a finest hotel, mountain climbing and ski trips, birthday lunches with the president, frequent company parties, and so on. It is a company that values internal communications.