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PORTERS MAGAZINE posted an interview with our President Ms. Muromatsu (PDF in Japanese).

Title: Interview with actively recruiting companies: why they are focusing on hiring now.

Headline: Recession rarely lasts for 3 years. Following "power in numbers" strategy, we never stopped growing in 23 years.

There is a headhunting firm in Tokyo which is actively recruiting staff albeit current economic conditions. In general, recession means less hiring. Why the contrary? We put the question to Ms. Muromatsu, the President at East West Consulting K.K.

Responding To Clients’ Needs

Nobuko Muromatsu, President

"In order to respond to our clients’ needs, we adopted the 'power in numbers' strategy. We hired our first staff only two months after the company opened its doors. Then we hired four more six months later, 10 more after a year, 20 more after two years, and so on. At the same time, we pursued ways to maintain the high quality of our professional services."

"For example, our three founding members always pursued in deeds and thoughts as to how to find the best candidates, how to accumulate candidate data most effectively etc. We taught our employees our tried-and-true methods to maintain quality as the company grew in size. Perhaps this is one of the reasons we continue to grow our client base, and that means a lot to us..."

Click here to read the rest of the interview (PDF in Japanese).