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Interview by Jinzai Business

Jinzai Business, a monthly magazine on the recruitment industry, published an article about us (PDF in Japanese).

It is not easy to host regular company communication events for 23 years since the early days of the headhunting business in Japan, especially in this industry which is prone to boom-and-bust cycles. Today we focus on the roots of a headhunting firm which has successfully gained trust from clients and bonding among its employees with its persistence on preserving company events.

Traditional Event For 23 Years

On the evening of October 23rd, East West Consulting K.K. hosted a famous monthly recreational wine-and-dine party for approximately 100 employees at an exclusively reserved Tokyo venue. With over half of the employees from foreign countries, the party resembled a cross-cultural event. This once-a-month get-together has been a tradition at EWC for 23 years without interruption.

Nobukuo Muromatsu

"Regardless of the revenue, we have two budgets that are not subject to cutbacks. One is for hiring, and the other is our company events. Company events consist of recreational trips in the summer, ski trips in the winter and monthly parties. These events serve to improve communication between our employees, strengthen synergy and increase cohesion. They are part of our company’s indispensable culture", says Nobuko Muromatsu, President of the company.

Unlike the times during economic bubbles, in today’s society marked with recessions, company events are the first items to get the chop when tightening the budget at most organizations...

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