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Interview Posted

Ishin Co.,Ltd. posted an interview with our President on its "Nippon-Shacho" and "Keieisha Tsushin Web" websites (both in Japanese).

A Pioneer In Headhunting

Headhunting is gaining popularity in Japan as a method to scout executives. However, this industry is said to be a mixture of good and bad companies, with some highly suspicious firms. East West Consulting K.K., which we are here to introduce today, is one of the largest search firms in Japan, with over 15,000 placements in the past. The company has also led the industry for 23 years since its foundation.

We asked Ms. Muromatsu, the President, how to succeed in headhunting, how to select good headhunting companies, and so on.

Nobuko Muromatsu, President

Its often said recessions offer the opportunity to scout good people. Is this true?

Muromatsu (M): No, the economy has nothing to do with it. The reason is, good people are in charge of tasks requiring lots of responsibility, and they are seldom thinking of changing jobs. Even if their company goes belly-up, really good people are offered positions from their clients, partner companies, etc., and change jobs. So, very few good people will turn up in the job search market. If you are after good people, I recommend taking advantage of headhunting services. We can proactively approach those excellent candidates who otherwise would never show up in the market.

Click "Nippon-Shacho" or "Keieisha Tsushin Web" to read the rest of the interview. (both in Japanese).