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Search & Fees

Search & fees

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Search Methods

At the outset, the consultant selected by or assigned to you will ensure that he/she understands your specifications, your organization, your industry, and any factors affecting the search. We recommend that you also discuss and confirm with the consultant at an early stage your expectations and how best to approach and proceed with the assignment.

Please see search requests page for information about initial consultation and inquiries.

In the course of our work for you, a client can generally expect us to:

  • Conduct ourselves with due discretion and sensitivity at all stages.
  • Find the people you company needs, usually within 60-90 days.
  • Identify, locate and contact the best possible candidates to suit your needs.
  • Make full use of our existing database of more 250,000 (individually scouted and qualified) candidates in addition to proactively searching for new candidates in accordance with your requirements.
  • Screen candidates thoroughly prior to introduction.
  • Introduce a selection of screened, qualified and suitable candidates for every position.
  • Schedule and facilitate interviews and meetings upon request.
  • Provide adequate consultation to ensure that client and candidate reach mutually satisfactory agreement.
  • Work resolutely on an assignment until the position is satisfactorily filled.
  • Provide broad advisory and practical support, utilizing first-class resources and facilities, in the course of every assignment.


Fee Structure

At East West Consulting, we offer two fee structures: "success base" fee system, by which we charge fees when the candidates actually join your companies, and traditional "retainer" fee system, by which we charge consulting fees at three times during the search - at the beginning, in the middle of the search and then at the time the introduced candidates join the company.

We can offer both system, depending on the contents of your searches and your companies' situations. In either case above, we charge the fee equivalent to a set percentage of a hired candidates' first-year compensation package.

In addition, our contracts incorporate various measures such as refunding the fees in case of introduced candidates resigning from the client companies within a certain period of time.

For more details, please ask your consultants or contact our administration department by email.