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About EWC

Industry Search

Industry search

East West has successfully completed executive level searches in almost every industry segment and at every professional position level.

We have interviewed and made profiles on top-caliber executives and professionals in all Japanese industries. Amongst our more than 100 consultants are seasoned specialists in a very broad range of markets, products and services operating within the groups listed below.


Consumer Group

Advertising and Promotional Services / Broadcasting, Media, and Entertainment / Distribution (Wholesale and Retail) and Trading / Foods and Beverages / Healthcare Products / Textiles and Apparel

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Manufacturing and Chemicals Group

Agriculture, Commodities, and Related Services / Construction and Related Equipment / Materials / Electrical Appliances / Manufacturing Equipment / Industrial Products and Services / Precision Instruments and Electronic Devices / Semiconductors / Electronic Components / Transportation, Freight, and Warehousing / Pharmaceuticals / Chemicals

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Accounting, Finance and Legal Group

CPA (Certified Public Accountant) / Law and Legal Services / Licensed Tax Accountants / Treasurer / Financial Director, Manager and Staffs

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IT Group

Computer Hardware and Related Products / E-Commerce / E-Business / Telecommunication / Network Systems / Internet / Software Applications / IT Project Management

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Financial Services Group

Asset Management and Investment Trust / Banking / Financial Information and Data Provision Services / Insurance / Non-Banks, Consumer Finance, and Leasing / Private Equity and Venture Capital / Real Estate / Securities

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Professional Services Group

Consulting / Medical and Professional Healthcare Services / Architectural and Related Services

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To initiate a search or obtain further information, please click the links (listed above) of service groups which you desire to contact, or else send us a general search enquiry.


Broad Coverage

Broad coverage

Of all executive search firms in Tokyo, East West Consulting presently has the single largest market share. Every year we make a large number of placements in a variety of industries, including:

  • Finance
  • Software
  • Internet
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer Goods
  • Telecommunications
  • e-Commerce
  • Professional (accounting, legal, business consultants, etc.)
  • HW/related equipment manufacturers
  • Semiconductor and precision equipments
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical

For more details, please ask your consultants or contact our administration department by email.